The Passionate Pilgrim

Welcome to The Passionate Pilgrim, Dr. Peter B. Hodges’ blog series dedicated to all matters touching the Elizabethan and Jacobean stage.  Read our most recent installment here.


Dr. Hodges holds a BFA in Acting from the University of Washington (class of ‘75), an M.A in Directing and a Ph. D. in Literature from The City Graduate Center of The City University of New York City, New York (1986 and 1992).  Dr. Pete (as he is sometimes known among his friends) is a 30 year veteran of the Wall Street wars, author and producer of more than a dozen plays, a novel, and a critical study of Sadakichi Hartmann’s plays.

The Passionate Pilgrim Begins

1.2: “The Poets War”: A Prelude

1.3: Sogliardo Revisited

1.4: Will, Audrey, and Touchstone

1.5: Touchstone and “Le Recknyng”

1.6: Rosalind

1.7: Disguises

1.8: Themes that Repeat

1.9: Rosalind, Celia and Jacques

1.10: Why Jacques?

1.11: Acting in the Age of Elizabeth

1.12: A Little Bit More About Ned Alleyn

1.13: Will Kempe

1.14: Richard Burbage

1.15: A Little More on Burbage